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Employee Spotlight - Meet Ryan Mooney

I started my role as a Client Advisor in February 2020 (about 6 weeks before lockdown!). Here’s what I have been up to over the last 8 months…

My Roles and Responsibilities

As a Client Advisor at S3, I work within the Retained Service side of the business and I am currently responsible for managing a portfolio of 15 clients from all 6 counties in Northern Ireland. Groups include sports clubs, charities and community organisations. The majority of my work is to source funding for these groups, to enable them to carry out programming and undertake capital development work. My role also includes supporting organisations through strategic planning, governance support and ongoing advice/guidance.

What has your experience been like to date?

I work closely with Senior Client Advisor Sam, who has helped me gain an in depth knowledge in the world of funding. He has also been kind enough to let me accompany him on many client meetings, which has been a great experience. This has been essential in developing good working relationships with the clients I now manage and who I am now the main point of contact for.

Over the last 8 months it has been an incredible learning curve, in which I have learned a lot and enjoyed all of it. Even with Covid and lockdown hitting one month into my tenure at S3 and the move to working more at home, the craic is still great with everyone. I have gained great knowledge of the how the third sector operates and everything to do wirth funding. I have met some great characters through the groups I work with and everyone has been very encouraging and welcoming. I look forward to continually developing my knowledge and adding more clients to my portfolio.

Why did you decide to start working for S3?

I studied Marketing at the Ulster University Jordanstown and graduated in 2018. I then took a more sales focused job for a year and a half, where I also gained many vital skills that I use daily. It had come to a time where I was looking a change and a move in direction of my career.

I was then told about S3 Solutions through one of their clients who I know from my hometown in Lurgan. I play rugby and volunteer for Lurgan Rugby Club, where I am also a member of the committee. I have always had a keen interest in sport and when the chance came to work with sports clubs on a daily basis, this was an opportunity I was keen to explore. One of the key aspects that sold the job to me was that everyone mentioned that no two days are the same. This was the complete opposite to the job I was in at that time so I applied straight away.

What do you enjoy about S3?

No day is the same as the last. The main thing that attracted me to the job was the variety in work and how everyday is different. This is largely due to the array of groups I work with and the array of characters in each group! One of the best parts is getting out to meet the clients and meeting new people. Although meetings have been drastically reduced due to Covid, it is still great to get out when safe to do so.

Another great aspect of the job is the rewarding feeling when you deliver for a group who is making a real difference in their community. Many of our groups work with some of the most deprived and disengaged members of society and their work is vital for people’s health and well-being.

There is never a dull moment in the office either! I am technically still the “new kid”, but everyone has been so welcoming, and it has been very easy to fit into company because of this. Everyone in the company has time for you and I feel valued as a part of the team. Flexibility is also a great part of the job and I am currently working from home 3 days a week, which gives me a great balance. S3 are very encouraging regarding professional growth and I look forward to further developing my skills and hopefully progressing in the company!

What has been you biggest highlight since starting at S3?

It is a great feeling every time you hear from a client that they have been rewarded a certain level of funding. Every group has a different level of need and regardless of the amount of money secured, they are all extremely grateful in their remarks. This is even more special as I know the money is being put to great use and often has the power to change peoples lives for the better. I work with groups who tackle issues such as mental health, poverty, inclusion/ exclusion and disadvantaged young people etc. This really motivates you to give your best and deliver for clients.

What’s next?

I hope to continue developing at S3 and keep building my client portfolio. I would also like to keep learning about every aspect of the business, including consultancy and marketing. The company is continually growing and it is very exciting to be a part of it. I am also looking forward to continue playing and working at my rugby, with the possibility of even starting some coaching courses in the future!


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