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  • Anna Molnár

Employee Spotlight - Meet Anna

My name is Anna. I am from Hungary and I work as a marketing intern at S3. I'm spending 6 months in Belfast as a part of an international internship. I just finished my masters' studies in Budapest last year and had decided to apply for the Erasmus post-graduation programme. I thought that this was a great chance to get international experience, step out of my comfort zone and try living in another country.

Your Roles and Responsibilities at S3:

Although my title says 'marketing intern', I've been introduced to many parts of the company. I am working on research, business development and online materials and assisting in any upcoming projects. I feel that I got much more responsibilities and more interesting work that I could get at other companies as an intern.

What has your experience at S3 been like so far?

Of course, the first month was very intense, just by moving to Belfast and starting to work in a different country and a new company. However, everyone was very welcoming and there's a nice atmosphere in the office. I feel that my work is valuable and my ideas are heard, which is really great and I am lucky to be at such a place after finishing my studies.

Why S3?

I got this opportunity through ESPA, which is a student placement agency in the UK. I saw the role and applied, because I thought I could learn a lot by working at a smaller company and seeing many aspects of how a business is run. I also liked the idea of contributing to a company which aims to make a positive impact.

What do you enjoy about S3?

I enjoy that everyone is easy-going and you can have a nice chat with everybody. They are also here to help anytime, which is comforting to know.

Biggest highlight so far:

I really enjoyed visiting an event held by one of our clients (a local rugby club). I've never seen a rugby club and they were very welcoming.

What’s next for you?

After my 6 months I will go home for the summer. I can still see myself working somewhere in Europe in the future. I think this role will give me great experience and open opportunities for me in the future to continue to grow and take on bigger challenges in my career.

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