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Start with why!

Welcome to the first S3 Solutions blog on our newly launched website - it only took us 6 months to pull it all together!

We struggled in the early stages of the website design, particularly when it came to trying to cram as much information as possible about what we do! Then it hit us, in our day to day work we constantly challenge our clients to think about their purpose, why do you exist? why do you do what you do?

We take inspiration from Simon Sinek's 'Start with Why' to guide strategic planning processes with our clients. So we decided to apply the same thinking ourselves. Our previous websites told people what we do: 'we do business plans', 'we do funding applications', 'we do economic appraisals'; so what! There are 100's of companies that do those things, What's so special about S3 Solutions? Why should anyone chose to work with us?

Well we believe it starts with our why! Our staff team all have a background in the 3rd sector, whether its working in community development, sports clubs, interface work or youth work, we all believe passionately in the power and potential of the 3rd sector to deliver positive social change. We witness it every day through our clients - and That is our 'why'!

We believe in positive social change, and we are passionate about providing solutions to help organisations achieve it.


For S3 Solutions, this means helping to secure funding, helping to plan and prepare for projects or helping to measure impact. Its that simple! Our 'why' also guides how we deal with people, how we treat our clients and in the effort & commitment we place in work. Our new website is a start and hopefully it reflects our 'why'. We will continue to update it with new content and information, we hope you find it interesting. In the meantime, click on the image link above, have a think about your why!

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